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712V Aeroturbine


The 712V Aeroturbine consists of a helical rotor and airfoils housed within a 7 ft. x 12 ft. steel cage. The full system weighs approximately 907 lbs. including the alternator, without ballast.  The standard 712V Aeroturbine is 24 ft. tall. The rated power @ 32 mph wind speed is 2500 Watts (149 RPM). The 712V is intended for vertical mounting and can be either bolted or ballasted down.  Vertical Aeroturbines work well in winds from any direction, and therefore the presence of a dominant wind direction is not critical.  The712V is modular and may be horizontally extended indefinately to create very large wind arrays covering entire urban, flat rooftops.


All Aeroturbines are designed and custom-built to fit the architecture of the building. Exact costs will depend on project location, number of turbines purchased, and the required mounting method.  The 712V Aeroturbine has an estimated cost of $25,000.  This price includes the rotor, cage, mounting structures and all the electronic equipment.  The installed cost of Aeroturbines will dramatically decrease when manufacturing begins. The more turbines you order the less they will cost.

In order to operate efficiently, Aeroturbines must be installed in at least 10 mph per year average wind speeds. In this average each 712V can produce 3,000 kWh annually. The 712V Aeroturbine needs to be building attached to flat roofs, installed at least 13 feet between rotors, above or away from surrounding trees and other obstructions. The 712V rated power @ 32 mph wind speed is 2500 Watts (149 RPM).

Aeroturbines are available for limited multifamily residential buildings, institutional buildings and commercial buildings in the Chicago area and on a very limited basis everywhere else.

We currently do not have an extensive dealer network in place. Manufacturing will need to increase before more dealerships can open. You would need a dealer in your area to take delivery of the Aeroturbines, do the installation, and maintain them for you properly. We currently have dealers located in Chicago, Illinois and Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Only projects 50 miles of these dealerships will be considered at this time.

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