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Renewable Energy Design Evaluation (REDE)


Design evaluations are the necessary first step in determining a project’s feasibility for installing renewable energy systems into brand new buildings. A REDE involves a meeting with the buildings architect, structrual engineer, general contractor and owner to develop and educate the team on all the different renewable energy design options that may be available to them. We gather information specified to this proposed site, reveiw the blueprints or drawings, make initial determinations on concepts for a successful installation, and answer any questions you may have about the renewable energy system, the installation or the technology itself. It is our intent to provide you with all the information you may need to make an informed decision about your investment in renewable energy. This REDE is NOT a hard core sales pitch, Aerotecture will design a RE system based upon the clients budget and natural resources the new building site has been given. All renewables will be considered for this evaluation, not just wind turbines.

Some of the variables we will consider in this evaluation are:

  • Your renewable energy needs, budget and timeline
  • Your commitment to energy efficiency as a baseline for renewable energy development
  • An initial environmental infrastructure and electrical review and any LEED goals you may have
  • An initial technical review to include: Architectural profile (roof design/attachment options), utility access, energy demand profile, and estimated potential contribution
  • An evaluation of any design constraints, zoning and building codes, and neighborhood considerations, as well as the potential for future construction near your site.

Some of the things the client will receive for this evaluation are:

  • A clear preliminary proposal with dollar amounts
  • Solar gain numbers and wind speed averages
  • The ROI - Return of Investment numbers
  • Information about incentives from their state and federal governments
  • A CAD sketch of the proposed renewable energy system on their building

The fee for the REDE is $1,500 within a 50-mile radius of Chicago, Illinois. Projects outside this 50-mile radius all expenses would need to be paid (airfair, hotel and transportation costs). The REDE cannot be performed without payment. Once payment is received, we will call to confirm an appointment with you. At that point we will review all the details and answer any questions you may have.

For more information regarding the REDE please contact us .