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Renewable Energy Site Evaluation (RESE)


Site evaluations are the necessary first step in determining a project’s feasibility for renewable energy systems.  A RESE involves a site visit, evaluation, and report.

Some of the variables we will consider in this evaluation are:

  • Your renewable energy needs and budget - this includes wind and solar
  • A years worth of utility bills for the site at the time of the RESE for review
  • An initial environmental infrastructure and electrical review and any LEED goals you may have
  • An initial technical review to include: Architectural profile (roof design/attachment options), utility access, energy demand profile, and estimated potential contribution
  • An evaluation of any design constraints, zoning and building codes, and neighborhood considerations, as well as the potential for future construction near your site.
  • The cost of the site evaluation is $500 for small residential, commercial, and industrial properties; $1,000 for medium residential, commercial, and industrial properties; and $1,500 for large residential, commercial, and industrial properties within 50 miles from Chicago, Illinois.  

    If you purchase the suggested equipment from Aerotecture, the RESE fee will be credited off the equipment price.

    The fee MUST be pre-paid BEFORE a site visit can be scheduled.

    Projects outside this 50-mile radius are $1,500 plus all expenses would need to be paid (airfair, hotel and transportation costs).

    We hope to increase our network of dealers once the Aeroturbines go into mass manufacturing to broaden our current client base.

    For more information regarding RESE reports please download our Sample RESE