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SunStrut is the name of Aerotecture International’s 12 panel PV support structure. Each SunStrut holds 12 – 175 Watt solar electric individual panels and is ballasted (held down by weight) to flat roofs. Each SunStrut can produce up to 2100 Watts of electricity and 2500 kWhs per year. Prices are determined on number purchased and project location. The SunStruts have 8’ X 10’ steel support stands and twin ‘ladders’ each with 5-6 PV panels reaching to 17 feet horizontally and approximately 3 feet above roof level. The typically 2100 Watt, ballasted, SunStrut structures:

Can hold up to 12 - 175 watt solar panels
Can cast, at minimum, over 3500 SF of shade on the roof daily
Reduce cooling electric loads in the summer
No expansion or adjustment problems
Safe, quite and vibration free
Minimal maintenance
Adjustable and strong enough for snow loads
Will act as a “wind ramp” when added to the Aeroturbines

Extensive field testing in winds up to 70 mph has shown excellent performance from the SunStrut support structure combination.

SunStruts have proven to be safe, completely quiet, vibration-free and maintenance minimal. They are designed to be adjustable to sit above midwest snow levels and do not have expansion problems.

Each SunStrut system includes a variable height structural option, modular and changeable ladders capable of holding a wide range of standard frame photovoltaic panels and a frame-mounted DC shutoff that meets or exceeds NEC solar disconnect provisions.

When installed with Aeroturbines they force the wind directly into the turbines rotor - making them a perfect pair.

It is estimated the SunStrut systems can produce more than 2,500 kWhs of solar power per year in the Great Lake states of the USA.


Sunstrut Brochure