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ABT Electronics Inc., Glenview, IL

1200 N. Milwaukee Ave., Glenview, IL

The first retail/commercial application for building-attached Aeroturbines with a connected ‘bridge’ of solar electric panels between twin vertical-axis wind machines is in Glenview, Illinois.   In this unique installation, two Aeroturbines can be seen, spinning in the wind, through the atrium skylight above the retail showroom.

The design concept for this project came from a strong collaboration between Aerotecture International Inc. and the Abt Electronics Team, lead by Michael Abt and Bob Taylor.

The two 1000 Watt Aeroturbines are vertical-axis wind turbines as well as structural supports for a 2100 Watt ‘solar shelf’ of solar electric panels. This array takes advantage of both wind and solar resources and allows energy production during windy and/ or sunny weather.

The rooftop AeroSolar Hybrid System can be seen in operation from the retail floor during regular store hours listed at the www.abtelectronics.com.


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