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Greenworks Tower, Chicago

Greenworks Project
Christy Webber Landscapes
2900 West Ferdinand Street,
Chicago Illinois, 60612

This "first ever" Aeroturbine structural venture included talent from the architectural firm Farr Associates, the structural engineering firm Drucker-Zajdel Inc. and the general contractor George Sollitt Construction Inc. Aerotecture provided the technical overview, special design for the tower components and an upgraded form of the twin rotor Aeroturbine used previously on the Mercy Lakefront SRO project.

The tower height is 70 feet; overall rotor size is 6 feet by 20 feet and expected power production is 2000 kWh/yr. The system is supported by a battery optional inverter rated at 3600 Watts and could supply 10 percent of the electric power for the platinum LEEDs facility owned and operated by Christy Webber.

Monitoring and optimizing of the inverter will continue over a half year in order to bring the system up to its fullest potential. Power production on the tower will be compared to other Aerotecture installations nationwide.


Detailed Project Description