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IBEW Local Union 701

28600 Bella Vista Pkwy., Suite 1500
Warrenville, IL

The first IBEW Local application for building-attached Aeroturbines with a connected ‘bridge’ of solar electric panels between twin vertical-axis wind machines installed in May, 2008..  

The design concept for this project came from a strong collaboration between Aerotecture International Inc. and the IBEW Local 701 Team, lead by Ed Rossi and Jim Sanchez.

The two 1000 Watt Aeroturbines are vertical-axis wind turbines as well as structural supports for a 2100 Watt ‘solar shelf’ of solar electric panels. This array takes advantage of both wind and solar resources and allows energy production during windy and/ or sunny weather.

This is also Aerotecture's first solar grid-tie system and wind battery charging system installed. The goal here at this IBEW Local 701 is to use our 610V2 AeroSolar Hybrid Aeroturbines for training their students for the future in renewable energy.

We look forward in working with them for many years to come, in data collection and in learning with them on this new system.