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Pepsico/Quaker Oats - Sustainability Center, Chicago, IL

555 West Monroe, Chicago, Illinois

This is the first large commercial application for building attached Aeroturbines with connected solar electric panel arrays in downtown Chicago. This special wind power and solar electric combination, called an AeroSolar Hybrid is a unique innovation from Aerotecture International Inc. The AeroSolar systems form a prominent part of the Pepsico/Quaker Oats Sustainability Center located at its corporate headquarters located at Jefferson and Monroe Streets.

The unique design for this project came from a collaboration between Aerotecture International Inc. and Parachin Design Associates, who also designed the LEED certified interior elements of the center.

The four 1000-Watt Aeroturbines are vertical-axis wind machines, mounted with an attached 700-Watt solar electric array on each turbine, for a total of 1700 Watts per unit or 6800 clean energy Watts. All four AeroSolar Hybrid’s are bolted to steel beams anchored to concrete planter boxes underneath and are integrated comfortably into the rooftop park.

The Pepsico/Quaker Oats Sustainability Center green space, 2 stories above the street is open to the public. Features include interactive displays, numerous eco friendly materials, and a living roof along with the 610V Hybrid AeroSolar Aeroturbines.

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