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Sloan Valve Company

10500 Seymour, Franklin Park, Illinois

This is the 'first ever' installation featuring two 712V Aeroturbines, one Hybrid AeroSolar Aeroturbine with 12 PV solar panels mounted to the front of it. The solar panel array is estimated to produce 2500 kWhs per year and the 712V Aeroturbine is estimated to produce 2500 Watts in a 32 mph wind (power per year is currently being collected). Both Aeroturbines are ballasted to their roof. 

These Aeroturbines were installed on August 2009, with the data collection phase installed late October. This is the first installation with our largest ever 712V Aeroturbine model as well as our very first large industrial factory installation.

Sloan Valve is the maker of the flushless toilet, as well as many other amazing water saving products. They are an extremely innovative company always looking for 'greener' ways of running their operations.

We look forward to learning from this special site with Sloan Valve for many years to come.

Sloan Valve Press Release