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Harold Washington Social Security Center

600 West Madison Street, Chicago , Illinois

This is the 'first ever' highrise installation featuring four 712V Hybrid Aeroturbines with 12 PV solar panels mounted to the front of them. Each solar panel array is estimated to produce 2500 kWhs per year and the 712V Aeroturbine is estimated to produce 2500 Watts in a 32 mph wind (power per year is currently being collected). All Aeroturbines are ballasted to their roof. 

These Aeroturbines were installed on August 2009, with the data collection phase installed late January 2010. This is the first highrise installation at 180 feet as well as our very first governmental building installation.

Larry Smith the Facilities Manager has installed 100,000 Watts of solar electric panels and 100 feet of evacuated tube solar hot water units along with our Aeroturbines installed on his roof. This roof may now be a new urban renewable energy testing labortory as well as an example of what can be done for the millions of flat roofs in cities world wide.

We look forward to learning from this special site with Larry and SSA for many years to come.


To see SSA Aeroturbines on TV click on the link below:

Live Well HD - Harnessing the Power of the Windy City